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Strong relationships make for successful businesses.

Founded in 1983, Woodside Fund is a multi-stage technology venture capital firm located in Silicon Valley. The importance we place on developing solid relationships is the secret to our longevity and ongoing success. We form relationships that are built on trust – trust founded on a rare guiding principle: Woodside Fund regards entrepreneurs as equal partners. Together we overcome challenges, share the ups and downs that come with building companies – and we excel.

Because we've done it ourselves, we know how to nurture ideas and grow them into thriving technology companies. Each of us has built at least one company, and as fellow entrepreneurs, we treat founders and startup executives like we would want to be treated. That's what distinguishes us from other venture capital firms.

Others often measure our success by our frequent IPO's and liquidity events, but we like also to measure our accomplishments by the quality of the testimonials from our portfolio executives. Woodside Fund is their trusted partner.


“Woodside Fund brings tremendous leadership to the SS8 Board. The experienced team at Woodside provides us with expert and practical advice, and they have also played a key role in helping recruit senior talent to the company.”

Dennis Haar, President and CEO, SS8



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