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Woodside Fund invests in an average of four to six companies per year and approximately 15 to 20 companies over a fund's lifetime. We expect to invest $5 to 10 million in each portfolio company, with an initial commitment of $2 to 5 million. The Woodside portfolio is predominantly comprised of early-stage companies. However, we strategically balance our investments with a small combination of seed- and later-stage companies.

Woodside Fund seeks leading-edge technologies and rational business models that clearly will succeed. We leverage the experience of our six-member investment team and our strategic partners to identify and develop world-class companies. We focus on the following areas:


Networking and Communications Infrastructure

Enterprise Software

Syndicating Investments

Woodside Fund has cultivated relationships with other venture capitalists that share our investment philosophy and complement our firm's services and expertise. We frequently engage with these firms to co-invest in opportunities. We work with entrepreneurs to pick the best syndicate partners given a company's stage and industry.


“Experience is everything. The Woodside Fund partners are experienced mentors who bring their technical and operational backgrounds into the boardroom. Their guidance has proved invaluable in helping build our company.”

- Anil Gupta, President and CEO, Aristos Logic



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