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We look forward to reviewing your venture for possible funding. Congratulations for reaching this important stage in the development of your business. As former entrepreneurs, we appreciate how hard you have worked to get to this point. Working with you early in the company's development is where Woodside Fund provides the greatest value. We can provide you all of the hands-on business leadership experience we have gained over decades of startup experience.

To apply, please fill out the application below. After you submit you will be given information about how to send us the Executive Summary of your business plan (max of 3 pages) as an email attachment using either text or a Word document. We'll be asking for the following sections so that we may thoroughly assess your venture:

- Market need - Competitive analysis
- Market size - Management team bios
- Product description - Financial projection summary
- Market strategy and product positioning       - Funding needs

For more detailed information on preparing an effective Executive Summary see article in "Visionary Resources."

We will respond to you as soon as possible, typically within three weeks. Information you provide will remain strictly private and confidential.

If You Are Not Ready to Submit Your Application
Please give us your contact info and answer the questions below to receive information from Woodside Fund about events and conferences, feature articles and other information that is designed to help you get ready for success.


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    At what stage of development is your venture? (Please select one)
Concept/Seed (founders have idea and seek funding to further test and refine idea, or are ready to develop the product/service)
Research & Development (product is being researched and a prototype is developed)
Product Development (product is being tested by users and is further refined prior to market entry)
Market Development (product has been tested by users and is ready to be sold)
Expansion Stage (generating revenues)
Pre-IPO Mezzanine
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Internet / e-Commerce
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Please do not paste your summary here because this is limited to 255 characters. After you submit you will be given information about how to send us your Executive Summary.
    What is the total amount of capital you are currently seeking for your venture?
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$5 - 10 Million +    $10 Million +  

Your contact information will remain strictly confidential.


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