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Dot-com high-flyer is back with something to sell: Internet stocks
By Jim Gardner
December 15, 2006

Ryan Jacob is back -- older, wiser and a little chastened, but still very bullish on the Internet. more>>


Illumio a new approach to 'social search'
By Elise Ackerman

Imagine if you could search through the information in your colleagues' heads and uncover unknown areas of expertise and serendipitous connections -- like a mutual interest in organic gardening or open source databases. more>>


Mark Hoover joins Woodside Fund as Venture Partner
October 4, 2006
Renowned Strategic Marketing Visionary Joins Silicon Valley Venture Capital Firm


VC’s Domestic Partners
August 6, 2006

Helion launches a bellwether for how to do venture capital in India.


Woodside Fund Backed Company OsteoBiologics is Acquired By Smith & Nephew for $72.3 Million in Cash
By PE Week Wire
July 14, 2006

Smith & Nephew (NYSE:SNN) has acquired OsteoBiologics Inc., a San Antonio, Texas-based provider of bio-absorbable bone graft substitutes in Europe to repair cartilage defects in the knee. It also offers a bone void filler in the U.S. The deal is valued at $72.3 million in cash, even though OBI only had 2005 sales revenue of $3.3 million. OsteoBiologics had raised around $35 million in total VC funding since its 1993 inception, from firms like The Woodside Fund, PTV Sciences, Thomas, McNerney & Partners and The Vertical Group. /


Venture Capital: Hedge Funds Get Active in Financing Start-Ups
By Rebecca Buckman
April 24, 2006

Hedge funds helped to finance some of the biggest venture-capital deals in this year's first quarter, another sign of the frothiness in some sectors in the start-up investing market.


Behind the Curtain: VC Due Diligence Is No Mystery
By Vince Occhipinti
April 4, 2006

If you ask ten funded entrepreneurs what happened during the VC due diligence process, you will get ten different answers, according to Vince Occhipinti of Woodside Fund. Some will say they lost valuable months answering endless questions for VCs that never produced a term sheet. Others may admit they gained valuable insights to their business.


EDA Firm Athena Design Systems Launches, Adds James Hogan to Board
By Michelle Tsai
March 13, 2006

Electronic design automation company Athena Design Systems has emerged from stealth and added James Hogan to its board.


New VC Helion Leading Woodside Fund's Way To India
By Michelle Tsai and Marine Cole
February 28, 2006

For Woodside Fund, the risks of investing in India went way down when it joined with Helion Venture Partners, a new $120 million India fund started by Woodside Venture Partner Ashish Gupta, for deals in the subcontinent.


Bright Lights, Big Money
February 22, 2006

At the Demo conference--American Idol for entrepreneurs--showmanship and gamesmanship can make you rich.


Silicon Valley: Still No. 1
January 30, 2006

Silicon Valley isn’t the only ecosystem of innovation anymore, if it ever was. But it’s still the richest patch of talent, ideas, and money around.


How bad was it? San Jose 49th in small biz 'vitality'
By Raksha Varma
January 20, 2006

A just-released study that ranked San Jose 49th out of 50 metropolitan areas in terms of small business vitality in 2003 provides perspective on just how far Silicon Valley's economy sank before bouncing back to life.


Heads Down
By Sara Smith
November 15, 2005

A stereotypical VC enters private investment after a tour of duty at a global tech giant and a few stunning entrepreneurial triumphs. Rick Shriner, a venture partner at Woodside Fund, took a slightly different path.


Startup Funding Is Shrinking
November 02, 2005

Even as the amount of cash flowing into venture capital funds surges, the number of companies securing early-stage funding is likely to decline this year, say industry veterans.


The Hazards of Offshoring
October 22, 2005

Like the line “he doesn’t know the territory” in the The Music Man, experts say the biggest mistake a company can make is failing to take time to get to know the region.


Institutional investors driving return of billion-dollar funds, By Mark Calvey
October 21, 2005

The billion-dollar venture fund is making a comeback.


Q&A: Woodside Fund
October 10, 2005

The venture fund's managing directors Tom Shields and John Occhipinti say it’s a golden time for early-stage ventures. (Clicking on the link will take you to the news article on Red Herring's site).


Fighting to Get in on the Next Little Thing
By Gary Rivlin
September 20, 2005

FOUR months to six months. Only a year or two ago, that was how long start-up companies generally had to cajole, fret and act nonchalant while waiting for venture capitalists to part with money - if they proved willing to write a check at all.


"How to Make Your Business Plan the Perfect Pitch"
By Michael V. Copeland
August 25, 2005

Venture capitalists love to repeat a popular refrain: “I invest in people, not business plans.” That may be, but they still want to see a plan. Not that a business plan will secure millions in funding on its own merits, of course; its real purpose is just to get a VC to pay enough attention to your idea to call you back. The wrong plan, though, could get you barred from the front door.


"The $50 Million Giveaway"
By Michael V. Copeland
August 22, 2005

Want to start a company? We found 11 venture capitalists sitting on business ideas they're dying to bankroll. All you have to do is send them exactly the right business plan.


Wild, wild east
By Ishani Duttagupta
August 8, 2005

Remember Ashish Gupta? The co-founder of Junglee Corporation has come a long way from 1998, when he made his first millions after the web services company was acquired by for a whopping $230 million.


When capital goes to founders, not the firm
By Gary Rivlin
August 5, 2005

When Neil Clark Warren and Greg Forgatch, founders of dating site eHarmony, were making the rounds last fall looking to raise venture capital, they weren't merely seeking money to bankroll a big TV marketing blitz.


Venture capital floods 'Chinese garages'
By Rebecca Buckman
July 28, 2005

When Kewei Yang set up the Chinese office of his high-tech company, Analogix Semiconductor Inc., he squeezed about a dozen employees into a cramped high-rise apartment here.


How Woodside Fund Vets a CEO
By Vincent M. Occhipinti
July 01, 2005

How much time did you spend getting to know the last CEO candidate you hired for one of your portfolio companies? And how much time have you spent dealing with the challenges of firing a CEO?


5th Annual VC 100 - Top Venture Firms for Entrepreneurs
By Editorial Staff
July 2005

Venture capital isn't for everyone--not all entrepreneurs need $1 million or more for funding. But for entrepreneurs who want to join the big leagues, a venture capital firm can invest the funds to get you there.


VeriWave changes its mind, nets $10 million investment
By Aliza Earnshaw
June 26, 2005

Little more than a year after saying it probably wouldn't seek new funding, VeriWave Inc. has closed a $10 million Series B round with a new lead investor. more>>


Woodside Fund Names Ashish Gupta VentureWire Professional
By Erica R. Davis
March 29, 2005

Woodside Fund, an early stage venture capital firm, named Ashish Gupta venture partner. more>>


Venture Capitalists from Valley See Golden Opportunity in China
By Matt Marshall

Venture capitalists across Silicon Valley are falling for China.  more>>


"Woodside's Passage to India"
Justin Hibbard and Sarah Lacy
March 15, 2005

Three VCs at Woodside Fund just got back from a five-day trip to India. This was not one of those delegations of U.S. VCs who trundle around Asia in a tour bus that might as well have a sign saying "Rich White Guys on Board."


"How to Keep the VCs From Snooping Around"
By Michael V. Copeland
March 09, 2005

Due diligence is that part of the dealmaking dance when the venture capital firm investigates the people, technology, and markets of the company it's interested in funding.


"I Want More: In today's market, VCs rely on lawyers for everything from sector expertise to deal flow"
By Tom Stein
March 01, 2005

The venture capital industry used to be such a noble profession. Now, the gloves are off and players are getting down and dirty. The headlines are increasingly filled with stories of hard-done-by entrepreneurs filing lawsuits against their former investors, not to mention VCs suing other VCs over down rounds, cram downs, and washed out investments.


"Return of the seed"
January 24, 2005 Print Issue

Early-stage investors and entrepreneurs are emerging from their post-boom hibernation with a different approach to starting up.


"Aristos Logic makes crucial push with $12m funding"
By Martin Desmarais
December 1, 2004

Like many chipmakers, Aristos Logic faced a long research and development battle and required substantial cash to get its product to market. But with a last round of funding this fall and customers using its chips, the company says profits are in sight.


"Not as Much Ventured, but More to Gain?"
By Gary Rivlin
October 31, 2004

WHEN members of the Early Stage Venture Capital Alliance gathered here last month for its annual golf outing, the conversation turned - as it invariably does when venture capitalists congregate these days - to the resurgence of fierce competition among firms seeking to invest in promising start-ups.


2002 News

"Analogix Semiconductor Raises $9.85M Series A"
By Michelle Tsai
December 10, 2002

Analogix, a fabless semiconductor company that develops analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits, said it has raised $9.85 million in a Series A round. more>>


Start-up Valuations Not at Bottom Yet
By Matt Marshall
Term Sheet, Aug. 29, 2002

It's hard to believe there's still air left in the Internet bubble, but that's what the latest venture capital data suggests. more>>


Daniel Ahn: Venture Capital Goes Back to Basics
By Sean Silverthorne
April 8, 2002

Daniel Ahn, Managing Director, Woodside Fund and Harvard Business School graduate, is profiled on Harvard Business School's Web site, "Working Knowledge". more>>


Top Valley Fundings
February 4, 2002

These companies received the highest amounts of venture funding in the Bay Area during the 2001 fourth quarter. more>>


Early Stage Startups Face Funding Block
By Katherine Goncharoff
January 24, 2002

When Advanced Reality Inc., a one-year-old collaborative software startup, went hunting for first-round private financing last year, it didn't waste much time with traditional venture capitalists.  more>>


Investment Insight
By Becky Bergman
January 2002

What will venture capitalists look for in the coming year? How about companies with real products and rock-solid management.  more>>


Viewpoint: Cautious optimism common among VCs
By Steve Tanner
December 28, 2001

Venture capitalists are no longer the cult figures they were in the mid- to late-1990s, when Kleiner Perkins VC John Doerr made his famous remarks about the Internet bubble being "the greatest legal creation of wealth in history."   more>>


Woodside Fund Leads Series B Funding for Intalio-- Developer of the First Standards-Based Business Process Management System (BPMS)
November 5, 2001

Woodside Fund has led a $9 million investment round in Intalio, a trailblazing enterprise software vendor developing the first standards-based Business Process Management System. Other investors including 3i join Woodside Fund in this investment.   more>>


Silicon Valley Assoc. of Startup Entrepreneurs (SVASE), Main Event Sept 6:  ėStrategic Alliances -- Creating Profitable Partnershipsî -- Under-utilized Business Strategy Often Key to Success For Startups
August 16, 2001

Panel Moderator, John Occhipinti, Principal of Woodside Fund commented, ėDuring challenging economic times when early stage investing is experiencing low activity, business alliances become even more imperative.  Alliances help startups drive momentum with new customers, suppliers and potential investors.î  Woodside Fund is a leading early stage venture capital firm that specializes in developing companies focused in the areas of Internet Protocol infrastructure and enterprise software.   more>>


"Venture capital blues hit low note" By George Avalos
July 19, 2001

Returns for venture capital funds fall 6.7 percent, the worst 12-month period ever, according to a report

Venture capital funds struggled through their worst 12-month period, according to a report released Wednesday that suggests the blues continue for emerging technology companies.   more>>


CPlane Gets $3 Million From Sun, Bringing Series C to $28 M
May 29, 2001

LOS ALTOS, Calif. (VENTUREWIRE) -- CPlane, which develops software for the telecommunications industry, announced that it has received a strategic investment of $3 million from Sun Microsystems. This investment brings the company's Series C round, which had its initial close in January, to $28 million. The round was led by new investor Pequot Capital Management, with participation from new investors Amerindo Investments and Woodside Fund. Previous investors CMEA Ventures and Onset Ventures also participated in this round. The company said it plans to dedicate the new funds to product development, as well as for expansion of its engineering, marketing and sales teams. Although a specific amount was not stated, CPlane's resident and CEO Nelu Mihai said that the post-money valuation for this round was "in the $100 million range," an up round. As a result of this financing, Sun Micosystems has been granted a non-voting observer seat on the five-member CPlane board that includes Susan Mason, general manager of ONSET Ventures; Gordon Hull, general partner, CMEA Ventures; and Michael Karfopoulous, senior vice president, Pequot Capital Management/Private Equity. The company has raised approximately $38 million to date from investors including CMEA Ventures, Onset Ventures, Pequot Capital Management, and Woodside Fund. 


Woodside Investing On An Upswing Despite Market Woes
May 30, 2001

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. (VENTUREWIRE) --At a time when many venture firms are slowing the pace of investing, Redwood Shores, Calif.-based Woodside Fund is looking to invest more aggressively. According to Woodside Fund principal Daniel H. Ahn, the firm is shooting for eight new deals this year, two more than usual. "We're investing like gangbusters," Mr. Ahn said. While many firms have hit the brakes when it comes to new deals, in part because they're busy mending weak investments, Mr. Ahn believes now is the best time to buy because fewer investors means lower valuations. "When everyone is buying, everyone bids up prices and that's not the time to make deals," he said. Woodside, which has made four new investments this year, is close to closing on two new deals, and is in the process of examining two others. Mr. Ahn would not comment on the new investments, only to say they involved companies in the semiconductor and networking spaces. The companies Woodside has invested in this year include TrueSAN Networks, a San Jose, Calif.-based provider of enterprise storage network services; Milpitas, Calif.-based General Nutronics, a developer of multi-petabit optical switches; and San Francisco-based Intelligent Markets, a maker of trading platforms for financial institutions. In other developments at Woodside, Mr. Ahn said all the firm's limited partners have agreed to reinvest in its next fund, which Woodside expects to raise early next year. "They're all re-upping between one and two times as much," he said. Woodside raised a $135 million fund in April 2000 and has about one-third remaining, Mr. Ahn said.


Woodside Fund Appoints New Venture Partner
May 1, 2001

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. (VENTUREWIRE) -- Woodside Fund, a venture capital fund with over $225 million under management, said it has appointed Tom Shields to the position of venture partner. Prior to joining Woodside, Mr. Shields was CTO, vice president of engineering, and co-founder of NetGravity, a provider of application software for Internet advertising. Woodside Fund's most recent partnership, Woodside Fund IV, which had its final close in March 2000, invests between $5 million and $12 million in early-stage ventures in IP infrastructure and e-commerce infrastructure companies in northern California and the West Coast.


The Wall Street Journal
April 27, 2001

"Dot-com investments may be drying up, but some new companies are still getting funded. Intelligent Markets Inc., which creates technologies for online-trading businesses, secured a second round of funding of $10 million from Woodside Fund, Oak Hill Venture Partners, and Pacific Venture Group."


ASP: Intelligent Markets, $10M
April 27, 2001

San Francisco, CA

PRIOR FUNDING: Undisclosed
ROUND: 2nd
CATEGORY: ASP/vertical applications/B2B
DESCRIPTION: Provides electronic trading software for financial institutions.
LEAD INVESTOR: Woodside Fund
OTHER INVESTORS: Oak Hill Venture Partners; Pacific Venture Group

THE HERRING TAKE: Two of the founders of this upstart hail from the infamous hedge fund Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM). CEO Carl Huttenlocher was the formerly the head trader at LTCM, and CTO Jason Topaz designed the risk management tools for the fund. The lessons learned from LTCM's disastrous liquidity crunch in September 1998 led to the some of the features in Intelligent Markets's electronic trading software. The software helps institutional investors make large trades of complex securities, such as stocks, equity derivatives, and bonds. It also offers decision support, market surveillance, and automation tools. Those features help traders recognize opportunities early and improve the liquidity of their investments through electronic trading. Large trades are typically done over the telephone nowadays, says Mr. Topaz. Target customers include large institutional investors, money managers, hedge funds, and mutual funds. Mr. Topaz's sales pitch to customers: "we've been there." The LTCM liquidity crisis, you may recall, forced Federal Reserve chair Alan Greenspan to negotiate a $3.7 billion bailout for the hedge fund. The new funding should take the firm to profitability sometime next year. --S.S.


Intelligent Markets Secures $10 Million Series B
April 26, 2001

New Money

SAN FRANCISCO (VENTUREWIRE) -- Intelligent Markets, a developer of trading platforms for financial institutions, said it has closed $10 million in Series B preferred financing led by Woodside Fund with participation from previous investor Oak Hill Venture Partners and new investor Pacific Venture Group. The company said the new funds would be used for product development and sales. There were two appointments to the five-member board: Daniel Ahn, Principal at Woodside Fund, and entrepreneur Kannan Ayyar. Myron Scholes of Oak Hill Venture Partners is also a director of the company. In January 2000 Intelligent Markets raised $3.2 in its Series A round led by Oak Hill Venture Partners with individuals participating.


Intelligent Markets Closes $10 Million in Second Financing Round
April 25, 2001

SAN FRANCISCO, April 25 -- Intelligent Markets, Inc., the leading provider of comprehensive trading technology for global financial institutions, today announced that it has closed $10 million in second round preferred financing. The Series B round is led by Woodside Fund and is joined by Oak Hill Venture Partners, the lead investor in Intelligent Markets' Series A round, and Pacific Venture Group.   more>>


For VCs, the early bird catches the firm
April 24, 2001

By Matthew DeBellis

The early-stage venture capital market has gone from sweet to sweeter. Valuations of companies just forming continue to drop and are near rock-bottom prices, early-stage VCs say. They continue to review new deals, dive into due diligence, and steadily make new investments in a market that's searching for stability. Equally important, early-stage VCs say that deal flow is better than they've seen in years, especially in the networking infrastructure, digital storage, and communications sectors.   more>>


Going Digital: Woodside Bullish on Securities Software
April 4, 2001

By Taran Provost

If Woodside Fund's assessment of the market landscape is correct, a huge investment opportunity could be developing in the securities industry, where many transactions are still being performed with aging analog technologies.   more>>


Woodside Invests in Optical Switch Firm General Nutronic
April 3, 2001

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. (VENTUREWIRE) -- Woodside Fund, a venture capital fund with over $225 million under management, said it was the sole and the first investor in General Nutronics, a developer of a multi-petabit optical switch. The amount invested in the company was not disclosed. Woodside Fund partners, Robert E. Larson and Daniel H. Ahn, have joined the board of directors at General Nutronics. The money will be used to build a prototype, which is expected to be ready within six months.


By George Avalos
March 10, 2001

Cisco Systems deepened the gloom that looms over the technology sector by disclosing plans Friday to chop thousands of jobs, which raised questions about when the high-tech hangover and the Nasdaq nose-dive might end.


Former HotRail CEO Named Venture Partner at Woodside Fund
Feb 7, 2001

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. (VENTUREWIRE) -- Woodside Fund, an early stage venture capital firm, said Rick Shriner has joined the firm as a venture partner. Mr. Shriner was formerly the chief executive officer of HotRail, a telecommunications infrastructure firm and Woodside Fund portfolio company that was acquired by Conexant. Founded in 1983, Woodside Fund has over $200 million under management. The firm invests between $5 million and $12 million in early stage Internet protocol infrastructure and electronic commerce infrastructure companies.


Communications Investing Binge Continues
November 29, 2000.

Although venture capitalists have already bet heavily on communications startups, they say there's still plenty of opportunity to invest in new ventures and new ideas in the sector.   more>>


"Following the Money Trail"
By George Avalos
November 29, 2000

More private investors want to put their gold in them thar East Bay startups. A growing number of venture capital companies have begun to open head offices in the East Bay. Collectively, they are ready to bet millions of dollars that Alameda and Contra Costa counties will prove fertile nesting grounds for strong companies of the future.   more>>


SS8 Networks' 2nd Round
November 13, 2000


San Jose, CA

ROUND: 2nd
CATEGORY: Switches
DESCRIPTION: Provides software and hardware for voice and voice-related services on IP networks
LEAD INVESTOR: Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
OTHER INVESTORS: Woodside Fund; ONSET Ventures; CIT Venture Capital; Sofinov

THE HERRING TAKE: The central nervous system of the Internet. That's what CEO Henry Wong reckons his company will provide. Just as the signaling system 7 (SS7) protocol is used on the telephone networks to set up and tear down calls and provide services such as caller ID, local number portability, 800 numbers, and call forwarding, SS8's "service switch" will enable carriers to offer those services over the Net, he says. The gear will reside in the core of the network provisioning services and directing calls, Mr. Wong says. SS8 is targeting carriers with IP-based networks such as Cable and Wireless, Qwest Communications, and Level 3 Communications. The company's product is testing with four prospective customers right now, with shipments slated for the beginning of 2001. Volume shipments will begin in February. Mr. Wong reckons he'll be filing for a "big-time" IPO by the first half of 2002.


Woodside Fund Forms Strategic Partnership With Acuitive
November 9, 2000

VC Fund News

WOODSIDE, Calif. -- Early stage venture capital firm Woodside Fund formed a partnership with Acuitive, a consulting firm that provides strategic management and technical services for early stage telecommunications and networking ventures. Acuitive will be making its expertise and contacts available to Woodside and will also be joining Woodside's technical advisory board. Woodside Fund IV closed in April 2000 and invests between $5 million and $10 million in early stage IP infrastructure and e-commerce infrastructure companies located in Northern California and the West Coast.


Automated Power Exchange featured in Dealflow Digest
October 12, 2000

Santa Clara, CA
ROUND: 3rd
CATEGORY: B2B e-commerce
DESCRIPTION: Operates Internet-based exchanges and clearinghouses for the buying and selling of electricity, and provides market and scheduling technologies to support power system administration.
INVESTORS: Bechtel Enterprises; Woodside Fund; Firstenergy; Onset Ventures; Kinetic Ventures; Technology Partners; Tokyo Electric Power Co. International; Hydro-Quebec Capitech; ITOCHU International; Nissho Iwai American Corp.; Nissho Iwai Corp., Tokyo, Japan; Sumitomo Corp., Tokyo; and Sumitomo Corp. of America


"Matt Takes A Whack At Stubborn Valuation Question"
July 12, 2000

Matt Bolton says he's always asked this question when he sits on a Venture Capital panel: "How is valuation determined?"   more>>


"Startup Essentials"
by Vincent M. Occhipinti
July 7, 2000

Feeling like you'd have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting a term sheet from a VC?

Your odds might not be that far off. An established venture capital fund will receive more than 9,000 business plans per year. Of those, only .17 percent, or about 15 companies, will secure funding.   more>> Raises $12 Million
July 6, 2000

SAN FRANCISCO--, a company creating a supply chain for production homebuilding, completed a $12.4 million round of financing. Led by Woodside Fund and McCown De Leeuw & Co, the round includes key strategic investors Hanley-Wood, Pulte Home Corp. (NYSE: PHM) and Village Homes. The company is currently developing and testing its Internet scheduling and procurement management systems, and is establishing advanced fulfillment centers to provide just-in-time delivery to new-home job sites. It will pilot its systems in Denver beginning in late summer 2000. featured in Dealflow Digest
July 7, 2000

In E-Biz

San Francisco
ROUND: 1st
DESCRIPTION: Allows builders to order construction materials directly from manufacturers over the Web, delivering products "just in time" for use by contractors.
LEAD INVESTORS: Woodside Fund; McCown De Leeuw & Co.
OTHER INVESTORS: Hanley-Wood; Pulte Home; Village Homes


" Raises $12 Million To Fuel Homebuilding Industry's First e-Chain"
July 5, 2000, a company leveraging the Internet to create a supply chain optimized for production homebuilding, today announced the successful completion of a $12.4 million round of financing. Led by Woodside Fund and McCown De Leeuw & Co, the round includes key strategic investors Hanley-Wood, Pulte Home Corporation and Village Homes.   more>>


"$12.4 Million First Round for Homebuilding Industry B2B Firm"
July 6, 2000

New Money

SAN FRANCISCO --, developer of a business-to-business exchange for the homebuilding industry, said it raised $12.4 million in first round funding led by Woodside Fund and McCown De Leeuw & Co. The round also included investments from Hanley-Wood, a Washington, D.C.-based publisher of magazines for the construction industry; Pulte Home Corp., a home construction firm with operations in the U.S. and Mexico; and Village Homes, a Colorado-based homebuilding company. The financing will support operations and the pilot launch of the company's site in Denver, Colo. As a result of the funding, named Phil Collins, a managing director at McCown De Leeuw, John Occhipinti of Woodside Fund, and Michael Wood, chief executive officer of Hanley-Wood, to its board of directors. The company, which was previously backed by individual investors, provides services enabling builders to order materials directly from manufacturers and have them delivered to building sites when needed. USBuild's pilot launch in Denver will occur in partnership with Pulte and Village Homes.


"Conexant to Acquire HotRail for About $394 Million in Stock"
June 28, 2000

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. -- Conexant Systems said it will acquire San Jose, Calif.-based HotRail, a fabless semiconductor company that develops switched fabric and chip-to-chip interconnect technologies, in an all-stock transaction. Conexant will exchange 7.8 million shares, worth about $394 million. HotRail is backed by Chase Venture Capital, Charter Ventures, Needham Capital, Ontario Teachers Pension Plan, Robertson Stephens, Selby Venture Partners, Sky Capital, Techfarm, Techfund Capital, Wasserstein Adelson Ventures, and Woodside Fund.


"Do's and Don'ts When Pitching VCs,"
by Matt Bolton
June 23, 2000.

Selling your company rather than presenting your company is the No. 1 pitch mistake, says Woodside Fund analyst Matthew Bolton. "Present with the passion and conviction that drove you to write your business plan."   more>>


"VCs defy time crunch."
June 09, 2000


"Occhipinti named Principal at Woodside Fund," June, 2000


"Occhipinti Named Principal at Woodside Fund,"
May 22, 2000

Announcement on John C. Occhipiniti


"Business-to-business Revolution Will Empower Consumers,"
May 21, 2000.


"Startup Funding Just Keeps Coming.
VCs say there's too much money chasing too few good deals. So why are they setting up more funds?"
April 25, 2000,1151,14409,00.html


"Now that VCs have binged, where will they purge?"
April 21, 2000


"Woodside Fund Closed New $135 Million Fund" April 19, 2000

VC Fund News

WOODSIDE, Calif. -- The Woodside Fund said it closed a new fund valued at about $135 million. The fund, which will be called the Woodside Fund IV, will target early-stage technology companies on the West Coast. Specifically, it will target business-to-business and Internet infrastructure companies. Woodside's prior investments include Automated Power Exchange, Digital Microwave, Intertrust Technologies, and SS8 Networks. In addition to early-stage companies, the fund will invest in select later-stage businesses to balance its portfolio. The fund will invest between $5 million and $10 million in each company.


"Woodside IV Nears $125 Million"
March 1, 2000

Based on an interview with Woodside Fund managing director Vincent Occhipinti and principal Daniel Ahn, this article reports on the strong fundraising progress and investment strategy of Woodside Fund IV.   more>>


"Financial Information Exchange Raises $12 million Series A"
January 14, 2000

New Money

WOODSIDE, Calif. -- StreetFusion, an online provider of financial earnings, event information, and Web-casting for publicly traded companies, said it received $12 million in Series A funding from Blackstone Technology Group, Blue Chip Ventures, Iceburg Ventures, W.I. Harper, and Woodside Fund. Daniel H. Ahn, a principal at Woodside Fund, joined the company's board of directors. StreetFusion plans to use the funding for marketing and to hire personnel.

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